“Che” (Documentary Series)

4 x 25′ Documentary Series for TG4 Ireland

Ernesto Che Guevara – possibly the single most iconic figure of the 20th century. More than just a handsome face on a million t-shirts, he remains a symbol of revolutionary struggle against imperialism and injustice. 50 years ago, Che Guevara emerged from the Cuban Revolution as the quintessential guerrilla fighter and eight years later, that’s how he died. In the Autumn of 2008, Joe Higgins set out to discover what this man – whose courage and integrity he has always admired – means to the people of Che’s homeland today. 40 years after Guevara’s death, Latin America is in the midst of sweeping political change. After decades of ruthless dictatorships, a powerful democratic Left has emerged, echoing Che’s ideals of unity and independence. In 1952, when a young medical student set out to explore a continent on the back of a motorcycle, what he saw changed his life. But how much has changed for the people whose freedom he fought and died for?

Directed by Kim Bartley
Produced by Cathal Ó Cuaig
Cinematographer Mick O’Rourke
Aired 12th March 2009 on TG4


  • Episode 1. Argentina
  • Episode 2. Chile
  • Episode 3. Perú & Bolivia
  • Episode 4. Cuba


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