Beyond 360º (Feature Doc)



What does it take to succeed? This is the untold story of a record breaking athlete struggling to continue her career in the sport she loves and an amateur aiming to become professional. Both Dee Caffari and Anna Corbella quit their jobs to pursue their dream: sailing around the world. Dee has already broken world records, but that’s not enough. Now she faces her greatest challenge: she needs to secure a top five finish in her next race or lose the team and boat she loves. Anna has already cross the Atlantic solo and now attempts her first circumnavigation In a sport dominated by men, Dee will race around the globe against the best sailors in the world, teaming up with Anna Corbella. Shot mostly by themselves, this film exposes the audience to the harsh reality of a non-stop around the world race.

Directed by Luis Goyanes

Produced by Gabriela Gutiérrez Dewar

Cinematography by Martín González Damonte

Assistant Director Cathal Ó Cuaig

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